This French Press Comes With A Built-in Scale But Should Do More For The Price

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French press coffee has been respected for ages for its uniquely delicious taste, but to the uninitiated, this manual brewing method can be an intimidating challenge. The $150 KitchenAid Precision Press Coffee Maker is designed to remove much of the mystery from creating pots of French pressed coffee. Stamped from shiny stainless steel, the gadget features a built-in scale to precisely measure both coffee grounds and hot water. Additionally the Precision Press comes equipped with its own timer to count down exact brew times.

Of course the KitchenAid Precision Press can't do all of the work for you. You'll still have to supply it with properly ground coffee beans and fill it yourself with hot water. It is, after all, still a French press. For that reason, while the KitchenAid Precision Press flaunts some slick abilities, you're better off shelling out for daftar parlay a cheap $20 scale and basic steel separately.